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On the 22RE, ignition timing is specified at 5°BTDC with the above jumper installed and the idle speed set to around 750 RPM. The larger round connector is some other test plug ( circled in green ) has the ECU O2 circuit test voltages, such as the Vf signal.
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Dec 21, 2007 · Here's the story: My buddy's '91 22re pickup just started this today. It was idling to warm up, when it kicked down to low idle, it went down to about 300 rpm, now has almost NO power below 3500 rpm, seems to be very rich, backfires, etc.
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1988 Toyota Pickup 22re Engine » this is images about 1988 toyota pickup 22re engine posted by Brenda Botha in 1988 category. You can also find other images like 1988 toyota 22re engine parts,toyota zr engine,1986 toyota pickup diesel engine,1988 toyota truck 22re radiator hoses,1988 toyota supra turbo engine,1989 toyota pickup v6 engine,toyota zz engine,toyota 22r engine,toyota g engine,1988 ...
Rough idle and sputtering feel at low rpms when cold. Once it warmed up, it was fine. So I guess it wasn't carbon build up. It did occasionally have a rough idle, but very intermittent and not related to temp. Probably won't get it back to the dealer until late next week.OK, so my 1979 T140 Bonny has new wiring harness and new Lucas ignition. Ran perfectly for a bit, then went for a 60km odd ride and at the end of the ride it suddenly decided not to idle and was missing, coughing and spitting at low revs. Rode it home and mostly ok at higher revs. Problems cleared itself by the time I got home. Next ride, no go. Ford was notorious for failures of it, the controller senses that the outside temperature is cold, but it is not cold enough to need a restricted air flow, but it restricts it anyway, and you get rough idle, and often stalling.
With propane it can be advanced more than on gasoline. Every engine should be "drive timed" meaning that it gets driven under full accelerating and the timing slightly advanced each time. If it's too far it can run hot, hard start, and idle rough. Each adjustment will get beter and better throttle response and power. Toyota 4runner pickup 22RE understanding rough, high, surging idle, the Idle Air Control IAC valve Poor or Lack of Acceleration 1988 Toyota Truck 22RE Part 3 Toyota 3vze Air intake system explained part 2 Adjustments
I just bought a 1988 pickup with 22r motor. Checked all wires, distributor, coil, changed plugs, has good spark. Changed fuel filter. But idles rough, if I raise rpm it smoothens out. But when I take my foot of the gas it will idle rough again. Any of u guys have any clue why the rough idle and stall?constantemente me preguntan donde tomo entrenamientos ,Aqui les dejo uno de los sitios tienen muy buen material hacerle click al enlace y los llevara a la...
Apr 26, 2011 · If the engine stays running, it idles very rough. If the engine runs, you'll get really bad gas mileage. The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor is one of the most critical sensors the PCM (Powertrain Control Module = Fuel Injection Computer) needs to give the engine in your car, pickup, van or SUV running optimally and so, when the MAP ...
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